UFOs, Qliphoth & Παράξενη Μουσική

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Ερευνώντας για παράξενα ακούσματα και ντοκουμέντα, ανακάλυψα σήμερα αυτό το πραγματικά περίεργο CD. Πρόκειται για έναν ηχητικό οδηγό σε τομείς και γεγονότα υψηλών παραδοξοτήτων!
Από τον επίσημο ιστότοπο της πώλησης του, διαβάζω τα παρακάτω:
In 1919, Aleister Crowley achieves rapport with an entity of extra-terrestrial intelligence, LAM, via an opium laced vision, The Amalantrah Working. Close to death, he passes on a portrait of LAM to his acolyte Kenneth Grant.
London 1949, Gerald Gardner and Grant attempt to bring down the power from alien sources on the site later occupied by Centre Point.
In 1980, Rendlesham, Suffolk, becomes a Centre Of Pestilence prophesised by mediums in Grant’s occult lodge of the late 1950s. Is the epidemic of alien visitations following the dropping of the Atomic bomb in August 1945 due to a cataclysmic upheaval in our cosmic consciousness… are these entities really energy spectres, dakinis and distant cousins of Lovecraft’s Outer Ones?
In a mind expanding voyage through England’s Qliphoth, we are proud to present a series of Visitor’s Guides: audio recordings and essays, the radioactive samples of researches at the cold war citadel of Orford Ness, the site of the suspected UFO crash landing at Rendlesham, the ruins of Dunwich, a witch lair at Brundish, the carnal tunnels of Soho.

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